Corporate Donation Spotlight – Thank You IRN!

Institution Recycling Network (IRN) has been working with Habitat for Humanity since 2005 by providing surplus furnishings to more than 40 ReStores nationwide. When inventories became available in the Denver area, IRN partnered with our local ReStores to provide valuable furniture donations to our offices and stores.

Corporate donations are a valuable and essential part of Habitat’s ReStore operations, and we’re excited to recognize IRN’s generous support.

About IRN

Institution Recycling Network is a business that helps charities and nonprofits around the world receive surplus furnishings and equipment. Through IRN, these charitable organizations can get the equipment they really need. Plus, it keeps materials out of landfills and is an environmentally friendly solution.

IRN’s history and commitment to local communities.

IRN was founded in 1999 in Concord, NH as a recycling cooperative for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations. By 2002, IRN had a surplus reuse program underway.  Instead of recycling used furniture, IRN developed a network of charities and nonprofits to reuse these quality items in a variety of ways.

IRN’s commitment is to assure that all surplus reaches its best and highest use, socially and environmentally. Since 2002, IRN has placed more than 75 million pounds of usable surplus for reuse by over 150 nonprofit organizations in the United States and in more than 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We recently asked IRN about their nonprofit work and involvement with Habitat for Humanity.

Why is IRN is so involved in nonprofit work?

“IRN is the only US company providing reuse services of this kind. IRN specializes in large scale furniture decommission projects for all types of educational institutions and corporations.  It is our highly developed network of charitable recipients that enables IRN to be successful at this level, while still providing our surplus generators with a sustainable solution at a cost less than disposal.

The IRN team is passionate about helping both the environment and the community. We also have a lot of fun, especially on project sites where cross-functional teams work together to send furniture to those who need it most.”

Why did IRN choose to support the Habitat ReStores?

“It is especially rewarding to be able to see Habitat homes that sales of IRN furniture have been able to help build and know that we played a part in the betterment of people’s lives in the US.”

Want to learn more about IRN? Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn, and see their contributions to charities around the world!

Thanks, IRN, for everything that you do!

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