Core Volunteer Paul Camp named a Channel 7 “Everyday Hero”

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Paul Camp joined Habitat Denver’s Core Volunteer construction team two years ago to show gratitude for his life

“I’ve been blessed throughout my life, growing up in a lovely, safe comfortable neighborhood. But I’ve been around and seen people who are suffering because they don’t have that, and I just felt like it was a calling for me to give back,” Paul shares.

Earlier this month, Paul was surprised when a Denver Channel 7 news anchor showed up at a construction site to honor him with the Denver Everyday Hero Award. The award is presented to Coloradans who are making a difference in their communities.

Not only does Paul volunteer at least twice a month building homes, last year he stepped up and answered the call to assist with maintenance projects around Habitat Metro Denver’s office one day a week. As a retired landscape architect, he has also contributed his professional skills to improve the landscape design process, which saved Habitat Metro Denver and partner families valuable financial and environmental resources.

Staff members appreciate Paul’s sense of humor, wealth of knowledge, and positive attitude.

“Paul just has a servant’s heart and is truly willing to help out wherever is most needed,” said Nicole StanekScott, Habitat Denver’s director of volunteer engagement.

Paul is dedicated to Habitat Denver’s mission because of the tremendous need for housing. He especially enjoys renovation projects, where volunteers install new windows, put up siding, and do other affordable repairs that make it possible for homeowners to stay in their homes.

“You get a chance to meet the people who you’re helping, and they’re so gracious and thankful for our efforts.”