Celebrating the Blessing of a Home

We all know that a home is so much more than just walls and a roof. When a family lives in a decent and affordable home, it has a ripple effect that impacts so many other facets in life, including: success in school, financial stability, improved health and less stress. By providing a hand-up to hardworking families in our community, we’re helping create housing stability that will be felt for generations.

For those of us blessed to be inside our safe homes during these unusual times, please extend a hand up to others in our community who don’t have this same comfort. Read how affordable homeownership has transformed the lives of Habitat Metro Denver homeowners:

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“My life will, and already has, changed so much just from being offered this incredible opportunity to be part of a program that is more like a community. I am thrilled at the thought of leaving work and having my own home to go to, my own space where I can make decisions and have the liberty to cook, clean, and live without permission or concern of distracting others. Moving into my own home will not be the end of my hoping and happiness, it is simply a new beginning.”- Tamika, Habitat Homeowner since 2016.

“This home means the world to me and knowing that my children and I will have a forever home to make lifetime memories in is incredible.” – Nicole, Habitat Homeowner since 2019.

We lived in a bad neighborhood and bad community, Habitat’s program was the only one that could help us build and purchase our own home to raise our children to have a better future.” -Haroon and Farhat, Habitat Homeowners since 2019.

“After spending so many years worried about my finances, terrified that my landlord will raise the rent so high that we cannot afford to eat, pay for daycare, or buy a new pair of shoes for the kids… there is a huge comfort in knowing exactly how much I have to pay each month to live in my beautiful Habitat home.” – Jennifer, Habitat Homeowner since 2015.

Thank you to all of our supporters, donors and volunteers that makes Habitat Metro Denver’s homeownership program possible.