Celebrating Proposition 123!

Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous excitement that we are sharing this news with our community.
Along with strong support from Habitat for Humanity, more than 260 partners across the state teamed up to advance this historic ballot measure, which will create a unique and sustainable source of funding for affordable housing in Colorado.

Although the headlines declare “Affordable Housing Wins,” the reality is that this is a historic win for all Coloradans.

This is a big win for people across the state who are experiencing housing instability, crippling rent costs, or barriers to homeownership due to high costs and limited housing inventory. This includes seniors, teachers, nurses and firefighters. It includes people who have been left out of the equity-building opportunity homeownership provides.  It includes our neighbors, our kids, our community members, and our coworkers.

A win for affordable homeownership and affordable housing of all kinds is a win for all of us.

We all know that housing is the foundation from which people from all walks of life can reach their full potential.  The successful passage of this ballot measure brings us closer to our ultimate vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.

While the real work is still to come to maximize this incredible opportunity to solve the statewide affordable housing crisis, today we are celebrating.

The support and leadership of the Habitat Metro Denver network made this possible!
From all of us, thank you. And here’s to building more – together – for the future of Colorado.

Heather Lafferty

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver