Celebrating 800 Families!

In 1979 a group of passionate volunteers came together and spent two years fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and selecting a family to build and purchase the very first Habitat home in metro Denver. 

It took another two years before the next Habitat home was completed.  But over the decades our community of supporters has grown and enabled us to serve more families year after year.  We’re excited to share that we’ve now served more than 800 local families!

800 families is a lot – but the significance of this milestone is so much bigger than a number.  This represents children who have a safe yard to play in for the first time in their life.  Children who can grow up with the stability of a good home… where they have space to do homework and the opportunity to grow into their full potential.

This milestone represents financial stability for hundreds of hardworking parents who no longer have to worry about rising rents or having to move their family again.  These parents can now plan for the future and build a better life for themselves and their children.

800 families is a significant milestone, but the more meaningful outcome is the life-long impact safe, stable and affordable homeownership has had on these families’ lives.  From graduating from high school and going to college, to having financial stability and less stress… thousands of adults and children’s lives have been changed forever.

As part of a global organization, we’re also committed to supporting Habitat’s work in partner countries around the world.  We’ve been sponsoring Habitat’s international work since 1985, and have invested more than $3 million through this effort.  This represents more than 800 additional families served around the world!

Thank you for being part of Habitat for Humanity’s important work!