Ashley’s Story

Ashley has always loved learning and was awarded an ACE Scholarship in sixth grade. At that time, Ashley was living with her family of five in a cramped apartment in an unsafe neighborhood that made it challenging for her to focus on her studies.“It never felt like a home,” Ashley says. “It wasn’t safe and we had to be careful of what we did when we were there.”

“I shared a room with my grandmother,” Ashley recalls. “It was hard to focus and difficult to not make too much noise for her. It was hard to find a time when I could study.”

Things quickly changed when Ashley’s family purchased and moved into their Habitat home in 2013.

“It felt more like a home,” she says. “I noticed my mom and dad weren’t struggling as much financially. So there was a lot more focus on what we needed rather than just paying the bills.”

Ashley also felt a clear difference in her ability to focus on school.

“I took school a lot more seriously. My grades improved because it was easier for me to study at home.”

As Ashley continued to progress through high school, she and her parents started to look toward the future and made plans for college.

Now entering her second year of college at the University of San Francisco as a business major, Ashley couldn’t be happier.

“I love college! College really makes me appreciate my education. I love learning and feel like I have so much knowledge that I don’t know what to do with yet!”

A bright student with an incredibly bright future, Ashley is grateful for the stability of the Habitat home that allows her to realize her dreams.

“Thank you to Habitat, and everyone who supports them for providing me the opportunity to live in a stable home.”

Did you know?

2/3 of Habitat homeowners say that their children are doing better in school since they moved into their Habitat home.