9 New Homes Start Construction this January

We have nine new homes starting construction throughout the month of January – and we need your help to build them!  We have lots of volunteer opportunities on our construction sites every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Click here to sign up as an individual volunteer where you can meet new people as you build homes side-by-side with other volunteers.  Or, grab your friends, colleagues and family members and come out as a group for a unique teambuilding opportunity.  Click here to learn more and sign up a group to build with us.

Tamara Atkin recently spent a day building homes alongside her colleagues, and shared some of the highlights of their experience:

Our group did a good amount of hammering nails, measuring, cutting wood, and cleaning up afterwards. My favorite part of the day was after working as a team to complete the side wall of one of the houses, we raised that wall together and nailed it in place.

Some of the benefits of coming out as group to build together are seeing your accomplishments as a group after the build day is complete, being able to work as a group to help out an amazing cause, and being able to share in those memories with friends and colleagues for days to follow.

I would recommend volunteering with Habitat during the winter. We volunteered in 25 degree weather with snow and ice on the ground and my group was able to stay warm. You are constantly moving/working, dressing in layers helps, and with the sun out the cold was not a problem. I personally would prefer working in cold weather compared to a hot summer day.