Future Homeowners Benali and Salma

When they buy their Habitat home, this family of six will be close to transit – and closer to each other 

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Benali and Salma have moved their four children many times since coming to Denver nine years ago from Algeria. So, when they move into their Habitat for Humanity home in Villa Park, they are looking forward to stability.  

 “My daughter’s car was stolen twice from one apartment,” shares Benali, an electronics assembly technician. “Our last apartment was infested with cockroaches. It was a very bad experience.” 

 Last year, Benali and Salma moved their family – three daughters and one son – to a three-bedroom home in Aurora, but applied to purchase a Habitat for Humanity home because their rent continued to increase. Salma is a retail associate and his two oldest daughters are in college at the University of Colorado at Denver. 

The family’s new Habitat home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which will give the whole family more space. Benali heard about Habitat from Algerian friends who also have Habitat homes. His nephew, 25, also lives with the family. 

 Benali and his nephew are working together on the 100 hours of sweat equity required as part of Habitat’s homeownership program. They have worked on roofing, wall-raisings, and siding at Habitat construction projects, and have moved and assembled furniture at the Habitat ReStores.  

“The sweat equity is a good idea,” shares Benali who also enjoyed the required classes on homeownership“We think we know about owning a home, but in America it is different. We learned what our rights are as homeowners, what we should do and what we shouldn’t do.” 

The Villa Park home in Denver is walking distance from a RTD Light Rail Station that will make commuting to classes easier for his two oldest daughters, shares Benali. His oldest daughter is working on a master’s degree in math and the second oldest daughter is studying architecture. 

Benali recently visited the new home with other Habitat volunteers and met his neighbor. 

“I was very happy to meet them. It was a good experience,” shares Benali. 

After the family moves into their new home, Benali and Salma plan to host a party for family and friends. “We will make our traditional foods like couscous, lamb, cakes and baklava,” shares Benali. “We are very excited about having our own house.” 

“We are very excited about having our own house.”  shared Benali.