Future Homeowners Adrienne and Devon

Mother and son are buying a home and building confidence together

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Future Homeowners

When Adrienne and her son, Devon, 21, move into their new Habitat for Humanity home in  Aurora, they’ll share the pride of ownership and the satisfaction of having helped build their own home.  

Adrienne and Devon partnered with Habitat to conduct the sweat equity hours required as part of the Habitat homeownership program– and gained confidence in the process. The mother and son, who are first-time homeowners, put up windowsills and siding, painted baseboards, and nailed fencing. 

“This was my first time doing anything like this,” shares Devon, a supermarket cashier. “I enjoyed working with new people and learning how to build a house. 

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Future Homeowners

There are so many tools we used that we never knew existed,” shares Adrienne, a customer service representative for a municipal utility company. “It is kind of neat to see a home come up from nothing and see what is behind the walls.” 

After 20 years of living in Denver public housing, both mother and son are excited about having their own three-bedroom home with a back yard and a garage. Adrienne couldn’t qualify for the affordable Habitat mortgage on her own, so Devon decided to be the co-owner. They’re both Denver natives. 

“We will be blessed to come home to something that’s ours,” shares Devon.

 “We’ll finally have something to call our own,” shares Adrienne. “We can make it our space.”  

Adrienne and Devon currently share a two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Their new home has one-and-a-half bathrooms, giving them both more space. Adrienne is also pleased that the bathroom has two sinks so she’ll have her own sink for the first time.  

As first-time homeowners, they each appreciated Habitat’s classes in home repair, taxes, being a good neighbor, estate planning, and financial management. 

“The classes were interesting. They taught us what to be ready to pay for, how to save, and how not to spend money on things you don’t need,” shares Devon. 

Adrienne plans to reserve the third bedroom as a playroom for her grown daughter’s two sons, ages 1 and 5, when they visit. And she envisions a wading pool in the backyard for them this summer. 

I want to spread the good news about Habitat and that are possibilities out there for first time home buyers,” shares Adrienne.  

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Future Homeowners

“We will be blessed to come home to something that’s ours,” said Devon.