Learn About Housing Policy

Learn the history of housing in our city, and how we can affect the future of housing policies together.

Start With Some Background.

How has race and segregation impacted homeownership in communities across the US? “When Zip Code Doesn’t Matter” is a project to better understand those ties. Explore this resource to learn how segregation has created barriers to homeonwership and wealth-building. And how we can pave a path forward to a time When Zip Code Doesn’t Matter…anymore.

The Future

Building homes, communities & hope​

The Cost of Home

Learn about our campaign to find solutions to the housing affordability crisis.


See how homeownership impacts quality of life for Habitat home buyers.

Home Repair​

Habitat provides repairs at 5-10% of the cost, helping homeowners stay in their neighborhoods.
The Present

Housing challenges in Metro Denver

Local Market Trends

See how the housing market is faring in Metro Denver cities and counties.

Housing Affordability

See Colorado's housing affordability gap, and who is impacted.

Paycheck to Paycheck

See the report from Colorado Housing on how much families are putting toward housing while other essentials suffer.

Colorado's Racial Wealth Gap: Homeownership

See how the racial wealth gap persists in our state, including through homeownership and credit.
The Past

The impacts of institutionalized housing discrimination

A Timeline of Housing Discrimination the United States.

Homeownership and Inequality

How homeownership became the engine of American inequality.

What Happened?

A brief history of gentrification in Denver.