Housing Policy Resources

We can impact the future of affordable homeownership

Together, we can make affordable homeownership attainable in Metro Denver, so that all of our families have a foundation upon which they can build hope for a better future.

Local Market Trends

See how the housing market is faring in Metro Denver cities and counties.

Housing Affordability

See Colorado's housing affordability gap, and who is impacted.

Paycheck to Paycheck

See the report from Housing Colorado on how much families are putting toward housing while other essentials suffer.

Advocacy Action Steps

Know who represents you

Learn who your local representatives are and subscribe to their newsletters or other publications. Learn about housing challenges and opportunities in your district, and what your local representatives are doing to support affordability. Click here to find out who represents you.  

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Register to vote

Register to vote! The Colorado Secretary of State's website has all the info you'll need, like how to register, find your polling location, who's on your ballot, and more. Visit

Learn about what impacts affordability

Learn more about housing affordability in Metro Denver! Explore the resources below. 

Reading + Resources

A Timeline of Housing Discrimination the United States.

The Decline of Condo Construction Impacts Affordability.

See how condos – the most affordable owner-occupied housing type – have decreased in production, impacting and impacted the supply of affordable homes.

Homeownership and Inequality

How homeownership became the engine of American inequality.

Housing affordability in Colorado continues to decrease.

The Homebuyer Misery Index reports that Colorado ranks no. 2 in the nation for the largest decreases in housing affordability, making our work at Habitat vital – to increase opportunities for affordable homeownership in Metro Denver and help make housing accessible for more families.

What Happened?

A brief history of gentrification in Denver.

ADUs Meet a Housing Affordability Need.

One west Denver project is figuring out how and where to build them

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